Be sure to visit our Gallery for pictures of our 25 acre lake and scenic canoe rides on Basset Creek. 

We offer canoe, kayak, and john boat rentals to be used in either the lake or we have a launch site that you can adventure out into the bay. You may bring your own canoe or kayak, but we do not allow any motorized boats to be used at the campground. The launch site can only be used for canoes, kayaks, and john boats.

Rentals operate from 9AM to 6PM

Rates & Information

  • 1 hour – $15; 5 hours (half day) – $40; All day $60
  • Children under 16 must operate rental equipment with an adult (18 and up).
  • Please bring credit card as means of deposit for return of all rental equipment.
  • Motorized boats/trailers or personal watercraft will be allowed to park on site as long as they fit on the paved area of the site and remain on paved area.
  • If the trailer is not parked correctly the guest will have to move the trailer to a designated area away from the site for the remainder of the stay. There is a fee of $2.00 / day for parking the trailer on the site or designated area.
  • If you park the trailer on the site this will go towards the maximum number of vehicles allowed which is 3.
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